Mum's punishment of teen daughter labelled cruel: 'It's going to traumatise her'

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Coming up with an effective punishment for your teenager if they behave badly is something many parents struggle with. 

One mum however, may have gone a little too far with the creative yet "cruel" way she attempted to discipline her 17-year-old rebellious daughter. 

The frustrated parent took to Reddit to explain that she and her daughter had been "having a lot of problems" lately. 

Like many almost-adult teens she has been disobeying her mum's simple household requests as of late, and defying any form of authority. 

"For example, there have been times when she leaves the house since the morning and does not tell me where she is going, or says that she 'is an adult' to refuse when I ask her to clean her room or do certain house chores. Things have been tense at home for a while now", the mum wrote. 

In an attempt to really get on her mum's nerves, one day the teen did something incredibly hurtful

"My daughter gave me a list of all the flaws that she thinks I have as a person. They are all personal flaws: my gestures, my accent, my physical appearance, etc.", the mum explained in the post. 

The woman was left "offended and sad" after reading it and decided to give her daughter a taste of her own medicine. 

"I told my daughter that I wanted her to make a list of her flaws like the one she made about me, and then give it to me, so we can both comment about our flaws", she revealed. 


In order to get her to comply with the request, the mum took away her daughter's rights to the car and told her she can't use it until she hands the list over. 

Angry and annoyed about the situation, the teen has now lashed out at her mum saying she is a "a bad parent and that making that list about herself is going to traumatise her". 

The mum however isn't backing down. 

She insists the daughter completes the list of flaws and experiences the hurt that she did reading hers. 

Rather than gather much support, users took to the post to warn the mum that her attempt to teach her daughter a lesson may actually backfire. 

"Asking her to list 'all her flaws' so you can comment on them means you're going to end up sitting there pointing out her flaws. Yes, it's what she did to you, but it will severely damage any relationship you have left", one person commented.

Another said, "I get the thought behind the punishment, but it's probably not the best way to go about it". 

Fellow parents of teens suggested a few other ways the mum could deal with the bratty behaviour.

One wrote, "Since she's almost an adult, how about she start a part time job? And earn gas money for the car on her own? Don't clean her room, let it rot until she has no choice but to clean it". 

Another explained she and her husband took a hard stance with their disobedient son and it worked a treat, "My stepson tried the 'I'm 18 and I can do whatever I want. You can't tell me what to do' stuff. So the next night, there was no dinner for him. When he asked why, I told him I was over 18 and I could do whatever I want. When he needed money to sign up for basketball, his father wouldn't pay, saying "I'm over 18 and I can do whatever I want. Stepson quickly learned that living in a home was a group effort and you got out of it what you put in".