8 phrases parents least want to hear from their children

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As parents our little cherubs are with us a lot of the time. Some days we hear "Mum" more times than we care to count, and it certainly gets tiring to hear "again again again" when they're small.

But there are some phrases we just really don't want to hear regularly (but often do!). Here are just a few of them.

1. "Can we get …"

The minute children start to talk there's always something they want. Whether it be to join in the latest craze – think fidget spinners, Woolworths discs or Beyblades – or whether it's simply because you're out of the house and they're after a treat.

Hands up any parent who's ever managed to complete a full shop without some 'extras' in the trolley?

2. "I'm hungry"

Regularly used by most children, this saying is enough to drive any parent batty. This is particularly the case when a week's worth of groceries has been inhaled in two days, and the cherubs have only just finished their dinner.

3. "I have an itchy head/bottom or sore tummy"

Nothing strikes dread into any parents' heart like the threat of some form of lurgy, whether it be in creepy crawly form or otherwise.


No parent wants to spend their time de-nitting, and is it even possible to ever get rid of the ghastly smell of vomit?

4. "I just vomited"

Following on from the latter, this phrase offers confirmation that you will indeed be cleaning up vomit. At least if the kids are older it can be more manageable, as they can often make it to the loo.

However, for the littler ones you know you'll need your protective gear and nose peg as you clean them, their bedding, clothes ... sometimes even the walls.

5. "Uh oh"

This phrase is usually accompanied by a look of worry by your child. It demonstrates the fear they have of getting into trouble following an accident or mishap: think breaking your favourite vase, traipsing mud through the house or getting permanent marker all over their clean clothes.

6. "Can I make slime/potion/anything else random that will make mess?"

Said by children who've been inspired by a TV show or advert (where no parent cleans up), these words just bring visions of mess to most of us.

These creations usually also involve a multitude of kitchen implements (your Tupperware and utensils), and numerous items from the pantry ... usually the most expensive.

7. "Quick, she's coming"

This phrase generally signals that something unpleasant is awaiting discovery. Sometimes it can be in the form of an 'experiment' (see above re: potions), or an activity that your child knows is not allowed.

However, on rare occasions this can mean your child is doing something nice as a surprise – note, I said rare.

8. "I just pooed my pants"

Admittedly, this is one that you don't (or hope you don't) hear so often when children get older. But during those toddler years and, particularly when potty training, this one is not one you want to hear.

This phrase is least enjoyable at full volume in a grocery queue, busy park or social event with friends. It's also not great when you don't have a change of clothes.

Then there's...

Of course, it's not just phrases from our children that can make our eyes roll and heart sink. It can also be those child-related ones from daycare and school: "He had a lovely three-hour sleep today – he didn't wake up until four", "So, we had a little incident today ...", "Unfortunately, I've had to take away [insert latest craze toy]", "Can I just have a quick word?".