The app that promises to get your kids to school on time

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Getting the kids to stick to a routine is a major factor in parent burnout. Day after day, it can be relentless and exhausting to constantly remind reluctant and forgetful kids to do what they simply have to do in a day. 

When his son Leo struggled to remember the elements of his daily routine, Toronto dad Pierre Séguin was prompted to make good use of the technology his son responded best to.

Leo has ADHD, making routines not only essential, but also impossible to follow if only going from memory. Charts and verbal reminders rely entirely on parents being consistent, placing constant pressure on them to stay on top of the plan.

Speaking to CBC News, Mr Séguin said, "Before we learned about how to do routines properly, it was chaotic. We talked to a lot of experts initially to sort out our own situation, and we learned consistency and structure are common themes recommended for parents at home to implement with their kids."

After experimenting with timers, Mr Séguin decided to make use of his tech know-how to make an app called Brili. It helps kids to remember what they have to do, as well as relieving parents of the stress of reminders.

It's a helping hand we could all use in the home, whether our kids have specific learning challenges or not.


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The app is free to download and you get one free routine with that. You can choose from the existing menu of morning, afternoon and bed time and also create your own custom routines.

Adding tasks is simple and automatically updates on all devices, and the parent is notified when the child swipes right to say they have completed an element. It also incorporates the all-important reward system kids often need.

The app extensions do cost; Brili Basic is AUD$19.99 for a year of four routines for two children. Brili More is $38.99 annually and allows you to program a total of 12 routines for up to four children, in addition to a parent lock.

Brili Extra is $79.99 per year for unlimited kids and routines, as well as voice prompting, parent lock and real-time monitoring.