The relaxed mummy files: Daily housework grind

Chill out time ... fighting family fatigue.
Chill out time ... fighting family fatigue. 

The daily housework grind

Another stress for parents is the daily housework grind. In between feeding, bathing, dressing, tidying, washing and  - well, doing it all over again – it’s difficult to find time for the more substantial cleaning.

Nicole Avery is a Mum of four and author of the terrific Planning with Kids book and website . She shares her three favourite house cleaning tips:

1. Clean in 15 minute blocks. Look at your daily routine and find places where you can slot in 15-minute cleaning blocks. Set a timer and automatically you will work that bit faster knowing that the timer is counting down. They work best when you can fit them around constant events in your day such as:

  • before leaving to take the kids to school
  • after the school drop-off in the morning
  • before putting your toddler to bed
  • before the school pick-up in the afternoon
  • while the kids are having afternoon tea.

2. Have a bathroom caddy stored in your bathroom with all the cleaning products you will need to give the bathroom a quick once over.  This means when it is bath time for the kids, you can supervise and get some cleaning done – clean the toilet, wipe down the benches and mirrors etc. These simple tasks can transform the bathroom from mess central to under control in 15 minutes.  You may still need to have a child safe lock on your bathroom cupboard if you have a toddler, so the caddy is away from little hands.

3. Go for the minimalist approach. The less there is around the house, the less there is to clean and dust! Finding places where items can be put away and leaving bench tops clear is an easy way to make things look tidier. If you set this example, you are also more likely to influence the kids in the right direction.  Regularly go through the clutter spots in the house and chuck stuff out.  Let the kids see you do this and then have a go with their stuff too!

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