What childcare workers really mean when they say these things about your child

Photo TikTok @chel.ssey
Photo TikTok @chel.ssey 

Childcare workers have a lot to deal with each day; looking after kids of all different ages, with a large range of personalities and a whole lot of attitude.

So when parents come to pick their child up at the end of the day, they have to be clever in the way they honestly answer the question "How were they today?". 

A childcare worker has hilariously revealed the secret code she uses to explain to parents what their child's behaviour was like that day, in the nicest way possible

Chelsey, who regularly shares videos of her life as a nursery worker to her TikTok account, uploaded a video explaining what she really means when she talks to parents about their children. 

When she tells them, "They've been very vocal today", she actually means they spent the whole day screaming. 

"They've been very active today", usually means they climbed on every piece of furniture they could get to. 

And when your childcare worker tells you your child has been "A bit of a monkey today", they are actually saying "they didn't listen to a word I said and did whatever they wanted". 

The video has been watched over 60,000 times, and fellow childcare workers could not agree more with her statements. 

One laughed along and commented, "My life working with toddlers". 

Another said, "Can't relate to anything more".