'World class parenting': mum's genius school suspension punishment

"He thought I was playing…"
"He thought I was playing…" Photo: Shutterstock

I've always thought being suspended from school is a strange punishment. Sure, you know you've done something wrong, but on the flip side, you get to hang around at home all day watching TV and eating ice cream straight from the tub while nobody's watching.

None of my children have been suspended from school – yet. But I'm filing this incredible mum's story away in my brain for future reference because she dealt with her son's suspension from school like an absolute boss lady.

Demetris Payne from the USA shared on Facebook that her son had been suspended from school for three days. While she chose not to share why her son was suspended, Demetris was willing to share her son. She advertised that for those three days, her son was available to do jobs for people around the neighbourhood for free.

Demetris offered her son's time to mow lawns, wash cars, or whatever other domestic chores people might want done, in blocks of up to three hours – and parents loved her for it.

"Well this is brilliant," one person wrote on Facebook. "It shows you really care who he becomes."

Another commented, "How awesome. Your son is not inside the house watching TV or playing games on the computer. Teaching our children that education comes first. Now he knows what work is. Rake, rake, rake!"

Others called Demetris's idea "epic" and "world class parenting".

Demetris shared photos of her son over the next three days working on neighbours gardens.


"First yard complete," she wrote on the first image. "He thought I was playing…"

After three days of working on neighbours' yards, Demetris was confident her son had learned his lesson. She shared a photo of him heading back to school, writing, "Look who's back at school, meeting with all his teachers and set up a plan so we can make sure he stays on track."

"Wow I am impressed," wrote one commenter. "You've done a great job."

Another said, "Give yourself a huge pat on the back. What a great mum you are and what a great young man you are raising."