Can a name really influence a child's personality?

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Can a name really influence a child's personality?

It turns out, according to a new study, it can.

Published by the Daily Mail, the study claims the name you give your child can affect how well they do in life and determine their behaviour at school.

The study was carried out by a sticker company who looked over the records of 63,000 school children who had been given good behaviour or achievement sticker books. 

The company, called School Stickers, creates online stickers for teachers to give to their pupils. 

They found names associated with good behaviour apparently include: Jacob, Amy, Georgia and Daniel.

Alternatively, children named Ella, Bethany, Joseph and Cameron were the naughtiest.

Other naughty names to take note of are William, Jake, Joshua and Jamie, as well as, Eleanor, Olivia, Laura and Holly.

On the nice list, the study said, Emma, Grace, Charlotte, Sophie and Thomas, James, Adam and Harry.


While we don't take these studies too seriously, The Guardian recently wrote an article based on a study that found names really can make a difference.

The study found girls who are given feminine names like Anna, Emma or Elizabeth, "are less likely to study maths or physics after the age of 16."

But maths and physics subjects are more popular among girls with names like Abigail, Lauren and Ashley, which have been judged as less feminine in a linguistic test, The Guardian said.

"Part of the reason is that names provide a powerful image of a person and influence people's reactions to them. An Isabella is less likely to study maths, according to the theory, because people would not expect her to."

Similarily, the BBC said men with uncommon first names are more likely to drop out of school.

Also, when economist Gregory Clark looked into the first names of freshman femal students attending Oxford University between 2008 and 2013 he found, an "Eleanor is 100 times more likely to go to Oxford than a Jade," reports the BBC

The complete list of naughty and nice names according to School Stickers is listed below. 

Nicest girls: Amy, Georgia, Emma, Charlotte, Grace, Sophie, Abigail, Hannah, Emily and Alice.

Naughtiest girls: Ella, Bethany, Eleanor, Olivia, Laura, Holly, Courtney, Amber, Caitlin and Jade.

Nicest boys: Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, James, Adam, Harry, Samuel, Jack, Oliver and Ryan.

Naughtiest boys: Joseph, Cameron, William, Jake, Joshua, Jamie, Lewis, Benjamin, Ethan and Luke.

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