Girl with autism shares heart-warming 'Autism Fairy' letter

Cadence, 8, is challenging the way people see autism with her short but insightful blog posts.
Cadence, 8, is challenging the way people see autism with her short but insightful blog posts.  Photo: Facebook/@iamcadence

Eight-year-old Cadence has made it her business to change the way that people see autism. The young Queenslander regularly writes short pieces that challenge the common misconceptions associated with the condition, which she then posts on her blog 'I am Cadence'.

Posts from Candice have included 'Autism Is Why I Am Different', 'Autism Doesn't Mean I'm Bad' and 'Cadence's Ingredients'. But her latest piece, a beautifully illustrated note asking if there is an autism fairy will pull on heartstrings everywhere.

"Dear fairies, I want to know please, is their an autism fairy? What is her job in fairyland? Can she visit me? I am autism too," writes Cadence.

The note continues: "I will be very gentle and I promise I'm a kind girl and won't put her in a jar. She can bring a friend if she's a little bit scared.

"It's ok if she doesn't talk, too. We can play spinning together."

Poignantly, Cadence ends the letter: "Some people say fairies are not real, but I know you are real." 

In a follow up post, Cadence's mother, Angela writes that 'Queen fairy' needed to think long and hard about her response. In the end the lengthy reply reveals that there is no autism fairy.

"In fairyland, where your world ends and our magical one begins, physical and brain differences are not much thought about; they are just a part of each fairy's unique way of being and doing. So, no, there is no special autism fairy. 


The letter goes on to reiterate the message that every child is unique and can't be defined by labels such as autism.

"But, kindness, compassion, understanding, friendship, teamwork, courage and hope – those things that cannot be touched or seen, but we can choose to learn, believe in and give to others … they are very special indeed!" the letter explains.

"That is the real magic of Fairyland … and it is your magic too."

 You can read more of Cadence's writing at her website, I am Cadence.