Girls write six-point letter to their dad to convince him to let them pierce their ears

Photo: Women You Should Know
Photo: Women You Should Know 

Like many young girls, twin sisters Eva and Ami are desperate to have their ears pierced.

Hoping to have their wish granted for their tenth birthday, the girls wrote a letter to their father, outlining exactly why he should let them get it done. 

Their note, which was posted on Women You Should Know, reads:

Dear Daddy, We really want our ears pierced and here's why:

1. They look cool, and we have proof because we have clip-on earrings

2. It's our body, our choice

3. Please?

4. Plus, we really, really want them and it doesn't hurt

5. And now that the U.S.A. is in chaos, who cares about holes in their daughter's ears?


6. Pretty please, please, please, please?

Sincerely, Eva, Ami

It's hard not to be impressed with their reasoning. The girls provide proof that the finished result would not be regretted (see point 1), advocate for women's rights (see point 2), appeal to dad's emotions with good old-fashioned pleading (see points 3 and 6), allay any concerns about the pain-factor (point 4) and take advantage of the post-Trump political climate – (point 5) which is a little a bit genius, really. 

Sadly, however, the girls' father remained unconvinced.

There's always next year, right?

At what age will you/did you let your kids get their ears pierced?