How many Aussie slang words do you actually understand?

A guide to using Aussie slang for the Aussie parent.
A guide to using Aussie slang for the Aussie parent. Photo: Getty Images

Australian slang can prove incomprehensible even for the most 'ocker' of us, so we've put together a guideline to help Australian parents battle through parenting life using the correct Aussie terms.

Here are a few definitions to help guide you through this Australia Day, while you're having a gasbag with your cobbers, over a tinnie and a few snags on the barbie.

Don't get your knickers in a knot: Something parents try to do when they've finally found five minutes to shower and baby starts crying, just as they're getting their underwear on.

Hard yakka: Carrying a laundry basket full of wet clothes on one hip, a baby on the other and a peg basket between your teeth, because all three are needed for a peaceful and successful clothes hanging session.

Banana bender: The tantrum baby has when the jar of banana custard has finished, and he's pretty sure he didn't agree to eat such a small amount.

Buckley's chance: What you have when Miss 2 is being toilet trained and you're hoping to catch her 'need to pee' before it's too late.

Kangaroos loose in the top paddock: What you're sure you had when you decided to have kids. Also expressed as: 'A few stubbies short of a six-pack' and 'A few sandwiches short of a picnic'.

Bob's your uncle: A perfectly legitimate reason why your brother Robert should be holding sleepover weekends (or months) for all the cousins.

Chuck a sickie: Something you can get away with in your day job, but just doesn't cut it with parenting.


Pull the wool over your eyes: What littlies learn to do from day zero.

50k's south of Woop Woop: Where you're planning to move once the teenagers are out of the house.

Beyond the Black Stump: Where you plan to move if your teens don't move out fast.

Away with the pixies: What you're pretending to be when you join Miss 6 at her tiny picnic table, serving tea to toy fairies.

Going to the Dunny: What you yell out when you find that not even the toilet offers a respite. Example: 'For heaven's sake, just let me go to the dunny in peace!"

Smoko: What you thought you were having when you first headed to the toilet.

Tucker: What you will find primarily smeared all over the floor, rather than in your child's tummy.

A dog's breakfast: See 'Tucker'.

Stunned mullet: A parent's facial expression when Master 5 repeats your 'swear phrase' at the most inappropriate family gathering.

Spit the dummy: What baby does when you finally cave in and admit that the idea of using a dummy isn't that bad, and you'll do anything right now to stop baby crying.

Flat out: Could mean you're busy, but more appropriately it's how you find yourself after stepping and slipping on Miss 2's signature pee puddle (see 'Buckley's chance').

No worries: Life before kids.

Turn it up: What you're secretly thinking when Abbie claims her son started sleeping through the night at 2 weeks old.

Dirty grub: The creature you see in amongst your vegie patch, that looks remarkably like Master 3, yet strangely also resembles a mutated overgrown caterpillar.

Your shout: When it's your turn to do baby's midnight feeds.

You little beauty: What you consider Miss 2 when she finally makes it to the toilet.

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