Mum teaches son to take a joke

Paula Papen and her son, Kenyon.
Paula Papen and her son, Kenyon. 

South Dakota mother, Paula Papen, fooled her 8-year-old son, Kenyon, into believing he had bought a $50,000 car on eBay and posted his reaction on YouTube.

Kenyon borrowed his mother’s iPad to browse for a car that he and his Dad could fix up as a father-son project. He found a Mustang on eBay for $500 and accidently purchased it, or so he thought. 

Paula looked at the iPad and saw the car was actually $50,000 but her son had not purchased it.

She decided to have some fun with her son and said, “Why did you purchase a $50,000 on Ebay today?”

Kenyon asked his mother if they could cancel it. She said, “It won’t cancel it, you hit buy.” 

After posting the video, it went viral and over 8,000 viewers tuned in to see Kenyon cry.

“We’re going to have to sell everything,” he said in the video.

"I am horrible."

His little sister, Emily, can be heard in the background, “I’ll use my money to buy you a hot wheel,” she said.


Paula told the TODAY show she wasn’t worried about posting the video online and defended her actions, “I thought it would be pretty comical,” she said. 

“Teaching your kids to have a sense of humour is pretty important and teaching them to take a joke is a good deal too.” 

One reader commented, “ She [Paula] played with his emotions and publicly humiliated him. Wait until he goes back to school from Christmas break. That isn't protecting or looking out for his integrity. It [will] set the ball rolling for more!"

While the prank can be seen as a form of bullying by some, others thought it was great to see a family having fun. 

"I think this is great. So sad that people make such a big deal out of a little fun. Obviously this child has a great sense of humor and this is a fun family,” said a viewer.

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