The family height chart that dates back to the 1920s

"She is the fifth generation to go on there"
"She is the fifth generation to go on there" Photo: Redit: Jaleou

If you have kids it'd be pretty safe to assume you have a wall or doorframe documenting the heights of your kids as they've grown taller each year.

For one family, their height chart dates back nearly 100 years.

A dad shared a picture of his three-year-old daughter standing alongside the chart to Reddit, under the name of Jaleou.

"Added my daughter to the wall this weekend," he wrote.

"My family's height chart goes back to the 1920s, and she is a fifth generation to go there."

He said the chart is a piece of wall the family took down from his grandmother's 'summer' house when it was sold.

They didn't want to lose the important piece of family history so they "took the wall with them".

Whenever he looks for his own measurements, he keeps finding the ones from "my dad in the '50s", he said.

Now, he gets to scribble his child's heights to the same wall as her ancestors. That is pretty cool.