The Tooth Fairy isn't real: nine-year-old breaks the news to her parents

Girl's frank letter to the "Tooth Fairy".
Girl's frank letter to the "Tooth Fairy". Photo: Reddit

A little girl has broken the news to her parents that she doesn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore in a very frank letter.

The letter was posted on Reddit a year ago by user willsanderson but resurfaced online recently.  

Finding the letter on his daughter Lexi's pillow addressed to the "Tooth Fairy", the then nine-year-old got straight to the point, writing she doesn't believe in the tooth fairy anymore.

Mum and Dad, "I know it's you who gets the money and puts it under my pillow," she writes.

Attempting to soften the blow, she understands that the news might be hard for them to take but she doesn't believe in Santa Claus anymore either.

Oh, and she also knows it was her dad who hid the Easter eggs. 

Reading the letter brought back memories for some, with one commenter admitting to overhearing Santa wasn't real when they were four years old but, "pretended for five years because I thought my parents would be sad."

Others prefer to keep the magic alive. 


"I know its was my parents but I'm 21 and still believe. My parents never admitted it and the magic is still there," wrote another user. 

Read the letter, and tell us of a time when your child was too smart for their own good. 

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