When the clothing battles begin ...

How to handle teen clothing battles

We know that teenagers are all about expressing themselves and pushing boundaries, and never is it more apparent than when it comes to their choice in clothing.

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Sexting ... viewed by teens as a ''normal'' way to communicate a desire for greater sexual intimacy.

Sexting and adolescent sexual development

Research published in the October journal of Pediatrics reported that 28 percent of teens had sent a sext, 31 percent of kids had themselves requested a sext and 60 percent had been asked for a sext by others.

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The break-up of a teen relationship is an incredibly vulnerable time.

Helping your teen through their first heartbreak

It’s easy to dismiss your child’s first romance as mere “puppy love”. But experts say that a teen’s first experience in dating and heartbreak can set the pattern for future relationships.

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When does a boy's voice change?

When is it normal for a boy's voice to change? The changing of a boy's voice is a variable process, but can be as early as age nine.

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What it is like to be a transgender kid

Most of us will never understand the struggle of those who feel trapped in the wrong body but an honest new film, 'In My Shoes', is giving many an insight into what it is really like to be a transgender young person.

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