Barber’s kind approach to boy with autism will melt your heart

Franz Jakob, Authentischen Barbier in Quebec on the floor with 6yo Wyatt
Franz Jakob, Authentischen Barbier in Quebec on the floor with 6yo Wyatt Photo: Facebook: Fauve Lafreniere

Parents of children with autism know that getting their hair cut can sometimes be a challenge. Some kids don't like being touched, particularly by someone they don't know.

Luckily, there are barbers like Franz Jakob, who understands the unique challenges of cutting the hair of a child with autism, and who treats the situation with patience and kindness.

Fauve Lafreniere started taking her six-year-old son Wyatt to Jakob's barber shop Authenischen Barbier in Quebec, Canada a couple of years ago.

"At first I didn't know he was a barber, so I talked to him about my son," Fauve told Scary Mommy. "And he just told me 'bring your boy to my shop, I'll do his hair.'"

Fauve recently shared a photo of Franz cutting Wyatt's hair – in a way that makes Wyatt feel comfortable.

Franz has a theory about why Wyatt likes coming to him for his haircuts. "My shop is completely vintage," he told Today.

"All the walls are jammed with photos and stuff from around here," he said. "I think that has a positive effect on the kids. Each time I'm doing it there are no tears, no screams. We enjoy it together. I think the atmosphere of the barbershop helps a lot. I really take my time doing it. I can take up to 90 minutes cutting hair for kids with special needs."

Franz says he takes "great pride" in his work, cutting the hair of people of all ages with special needs and terminal illnesses.

For Wyatt, there has to be a particular order to proceedings when he goes to Franz's shop. He will wander around for a while, looking at items in the shop, and sometimes he'll lie down. Franz follows suit and cuts his hair wherever he is comfortable.

"He's just fantastic," Fauve wrote on Facebook. "When we get there he welcomes Wyatt as a friend. He gives so much to make him comfortable!"