Dad creates beautiful photo series showing another side to autism

Welsh dad, Glenn Gameson-Burrows, wanted to show people a side to autism that isn't always visible.

Glenn knows this first hand, as his two-year-old daughter, Aneira, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

To raise awareness, the father of two created the photo series called Magpie, after his daughter. 

"As a very young child Aneira was always drawn towards shiny objects much like someone with Magpie Syndrome. I usually call her my little Magpie," he said.

On the Magpie Facebook page, Glenn says the last six months have opened his eyes to "how many children and adults are on the spectrum and how hard it can be for families."

He also adds that he has never met anyone as creative as a child or adult on the autism spectrum.

"I recently met a 15-year-old boy named 'Liam' who has Asperger's. We talked about taking photographs for a while and I told him about the amazing sunsets I have seen. He said 'why don't you ever look down, everyone's looking at the sunset, try and look down'. The next days I went out and took the best macro shots I have taken during a sunset," he wrote.

"But for all the good stories there is always bad ones, for example, the young boy who was asked to leave a coffee shop with his mother because he was being too 'loud' and his mother should 'discipline' him.

"The girl who's family was escorted off an American airline because she was being too loud, even though the girl was having a meltdown because the airline didn't supply her meal."


Spreading awareness, Glenn told The Huffington Post, he hopes his photographs "will make people think."

"A screaming child in your supermarket isn't always a naughty child," he said. "A stressed-out parent isn't a bad parent. A child lining things up, hiding objects, eating food in a strange manner or making strange noises isn't uneducated or rude, just different."

For more information visit the Magpie Facebook page

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