Dad's Blockbuster effort for son with autism


It's like a scene out of a tearjerker movie: A gorgeous dad builds a replica Blockbuster 'store' for his son with autism.

Complete with Blockbuster signage, the black shelving is stacked with all of Hector Zuniga Senior's son's favourite movies and television shows.

He showed it to his 20-year-old son, Hector Jr, after the pair had visited their local store for the last time before it closed. The young man was heartbroken to discover his favourite video store was shutting-up shop after visiting the store twice a week since he was 13.

"It's hard for my son to express emotions, but when he saw the room (at home), his eyes were as big as saucers " he told Huffington Post.

"His way of saying 'I love you' is by going up to you and grabbing your earlobe (which is exactly what he did).

"It was one of those moments that us parents live for."

The story came to light after his other son tweeted about the gorgeous act.

"My autistic brother was sad that Blockbuster was closing down," @Javii_Zuniga wrote on Twitter.

"So my parents made a mini one at home for him!"


He told KDVR that his brother, who is not verbal, was smiling, clapping and laughing with joy when his parents showed him the 'store' which was full of fun shows including Elmo, Barney, Rugrats and even The Wiggles. The surprise put the biggest smile on his face.

His tweet has been retweeted over 30,000 times and liked nearly 130,000 times. And the reactions have been awesome, with people offering to send in their old Blockbuster cards and memorabilia. He has also been inundated with requests for interviews.

Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010, but there are still a few franchised outlets open in the US.