Internet comes to rescue of little boy with autism who ran out of favourite food

The internet came to the rescue of six-year-old Everett, pictured with his favourite dinner.
The internet came to the rescue of six-year-old Everett, pictured with his favourite dinner. Photo: Facebook/ Reed Botwright

For dad, Reed Botwright, whose son Everett is on the autism spectrum, finding food his six-year-old will eat is an ongoing challenge.

So, when his little one gravitated towards a particular Star Wars branded Kraft Dinner he "rejoiced". Success! There was one not-so-little problem however - they couldn't find any more of the limited edition Mac 'n' Cheese in their hometown of Nanaimo, Canada.

Taking to Facebook, Mr Botwright issued a call for help, sharing the story of his "truly unique little dude" in the hope of locating more of Everett's favourite food.

"[Everett] is on the autism spectrum and one of his quirks revolves around food," Mr Botwright wrote. "He doesn't eat much, if anything, at all. It's a struggle to get him his essential nutrients, and unlike most kids, no amount of "tough love" or "no treats until you eat your veggies" will work to coerce him to expand his diet."

Sharing that his son "loves" his newly discovered Star Wars mac 'n' cheese, Mr Botwright continued, "But here's the rub: we bought a ton of this, all we could find, at the local Walmart. Here is Everett holding the last box we could find in Nanaimo! This is where we need your help. Do you know where we can find more?"

Writing that the family were "desperate" Mr Botwright added, " Have some left over? Send it to us, we'll pay! Know someone who works at the Kraft factory? Don't do anything illegal, but if a box just happens to fall off of a truck, I know a redhead who would be very happy..."

As it turns out, the force was well and truly with Everett.

Actor, William Shatner, shared details of the family's plight on Twitter - and even contacted Kraft.

And it worked.

In an update, Mr Botwright shared that the family had received an outpouring of support - and a "lifetime supply" of his son's favourite food.

"Real Canadian Superstore was able to track down over 400 boxes for us, and Kraft Canada - what's cooking has another 12 cases (144 boxes) on their way! Thank you everyone who sent boxes, well-wishes, suggestions and their love! You are all so amazing!" Mr Botwright shared on Facebook.

And, with the deliveries now rolling in, Everett looks pretty happy!


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