The mum behind Changing the Face of Beauty campaign

Katie Driscoll, founder of Changing the Face of Beauty.
Katie Driscoll, founder of Changing the Face of Beauty. Photo: Screen grab/Huffington Post video

Inspired by her daughter, Grace, who has down syndrome, Katie Driscoll set out to change the way beauty is perceived in the media.

In 2012, Driscoll founded the not-for-profit organisation, Changing The Face Of Beauty, which has seen a rise in people with disabilities being featured in the media, something she says is an important step for providing "opportunities" and "independence" for people with differences in the workforce.

"I want to show people that we really are more alike than different and so I believe the more people are exposed and have the opportunity to see differences, the more accepting they just naturally will be," Driscoll says in an interview with the Huffington Post.

"The initiative behind Changing the Face of Beauty has always been [about] increasing visibility, but [also to see] increase in the workforce. 

"When we define beauty, it's human, we are all human we all have characteristics of beauty and I believe that when everyone is seen, that confidence levels will build and we all feel a little more empowered."

In August last year, a shoe company's ad campaign went viral after featuring four-year-old, Cora Slocum, who has down syndrome.

Similarly, Australian model Madeline Stuart has been melting hearts and making history, walking the catwalk at one of fashion's biggest events last year.

"It is very exciting and it's going to take her from one level to the next," her mother, Roseanne told Cosmopolitan. "I know [American Horror Story actress who also has down syndrome] Jamie Brewer did it in February, but she is a movie star, she's not a model. With Madeline, this is her career, so I think it's going to be a great platform for her."

Since launching, Changing the Face of Beauty website says it has committed over 100 companies to include models with disabilities.


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