Tommee Tippee comes to the rescue and makes 500 cups for boy with autism

Ben Carter and his family are celebrating thanks to Tommee Tippee.
Ben Carter and his family are celebrating thanks to Tommee Tippee. 

When a desperate dad made a public appeal for a Tommee Tippee cup for his 14-year-old son he didn't expect to go viral.

But Marc Carter's tweet along with the #cupforben hashtag, attracted global attention as people around the world rallied to find a replacement cup for Ben.

Carter explained that Ben, who has severe autism, will only drink from a blue Tommee Tippee cup. Ben started using the cup when he was two and would rather end up in hospital dehydrated than drink from another cup.

He also explained that Tommee Tippee had discontinued the cup and that the company had not been able to find any exact replicas.

Carter's tweet was shared nearly twenty thousand times and resulted in six cups being sent to Ben. Another 35 cups are on their way.

But, knowing that this will be an on-going issue for Ben, Tommee Tippee have pulled out all the stops and announced that they are going to produce 500 cups for Ben.

"[Tommee Tippee] have managed to find the mould of Ben's little blue cup and they want to make Ben as many cups as he needs, their suggestion was 1,000, which I can't say we'd use them all," Carter said in a YouTube video that he posted to Twitter.


"It's a shock and a surprise that they have managed to do this. They have been scouring warehouses and factories to get hold of it."

Tommee Tippee confirmed the news on their Twitter account: "BIG NEWS: We're going to manufacture a batch of little blue cups for Ben."

Speaking to the BBC Carter explained that Tommee Tippee had agreed to make 500 cups for Ben.

"I would not be happier if I won the lottery. We've moved down to the middle of nowhere and don't want much.

"Just knowing he has got these cups gives us peace of mind."

Tommee Tippee, who are based in the north of England, told the BBC that they don't normally keep the moulds used to make the cups. However, they searched factories around the world in the hope of finding the original plans.

A spokesman said: "We are delighted to confirm that we are able to start production on a run of the original cup.

"This will ensure that Ben has a lifetime supply and that his family won't ever have to worry about finding another cup for Ben."

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