Special Needs


Alex, who has severe autism, plays outside with chalk. His parents are asking the NDIS for extra funding.

About a boy: 'I am no longer a mother, I am a carer'

Parents of an eight-year-old boy with severe autism who refuses to wear clothes, is incontinent, unable to communicate, self harms and can attack others, say they will be forced to relinquish their child unless given more support.

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Sam Best in Africa, where he became more  talkative, more independent, with a greater of sense of his place in the world.

Benison O'Reilly

How giving my autistic son a 'loving push' paid off

Most autism intervention is focussed on the early childhood years, Yet there is "second spring" of neuronal development during adolescence, the potential of which has largely been neglected.

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Principals will be encouraged to get the health checks every second year..

One nation does not equal two classrooms

My daughter celebrated her 14th birthday at the weekend. Around the table for dinner were four of her closest friends and former classmates through many years of primary school.

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