A book of words and drawings to help kids start big school

A new book is making the first day of school less daunting.
A new book is making the first day of school less daunting.  Photo: Getty Images

A new book created by children for children is helping others cope with their first day of school.

A book of words and drawings created by children who have already taken that first big step is set to make the journey from preschool to kindergarten a little less daunting. 

About 5000 copies of On My First Day will be given to ACT preschoolers to help them transition into their first year of school. 

The book is part of the federal government-funded Australian Early Development Census initiative.

More than 1100 kindergarten and year 1 children have shared their thoughts and drawings in the book, including how they felt starting kindergarten, what school is like and their favourite things about school.

Community Services Directorate manager of early intervention and prevention projects Melanie Thompson said the book was designed as a conversation starter between parents and children to help incoming pupils discuss their feelings. 

"This is a book created by children for children, to help them as they begin this important milestone in their lives," she said. 

"Through words and drawings, children share what it felt like to start school and give advice on what is important for other children to know."

The directorate has also partnered with Libraries ACT to provide children starting preschool with canvas library bags and additional information for parents about library services in the territory. 

To view On My First Day online, visit children.act.gov.au