Best art books for kids

Art books are the perfect way to get kids to make their own art.
Art books are the perfect way to get kids to make their own art. Photo: Supplied

Creating and learning about art as a child is often about the right kind of guidance. Children can lose confidence once they reach middle to late primary school, becoming self-conscious as they leave behind the free exploration of arts and craft they may have experienced as toddlers. Then there are children who need no encouragement to explore the art world, they are looking for ways to extend their existing skills.

We've found a range of children's art books to guide, inspire and encourage children to explore art as a means of self-expression so that regardless of ability, they find joy in it. 

Above - Art Lab for Kids and Draw Paint Print Like the Great Artists


500 Kids Art Ideas


Get Into Art: Places (Animals and People also available) and The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas


13 Art Techniques Children Should Know and The Art Book for Children



The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids and The Kids' Multicultural Art Book

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