Classic books for kids: the Book Depository's mega list

Classic books for kids; where on earth to begin once your child is of the right reading and comprehension age?

It's handy to have a go-to reference to guide you through all of the works of children's literature that must be read and the Book Depository has done a stellar job of curating a list of classics.

With the majority of the list comprising the tried and true over many generations - such as Swiss Family Robinson and Roald Dahl - there are also a few contemporary classics that have earned a place with the big guns.

Many classics have been re-released in exquisitely-produced editions by publishers such as Puffin and Penguin, making them gasp-worthy gifts.

Whichever they choose, this is the place to start when considering the classic books that make a childhood.

Stories are the threads that flow through generations - shared childhood memories of adventures and characters so dear they feel like best friends.

It's time to begin this aspect of their education - click through our extensive gallery of all the classic children's books as curated by the Book Depository.

Underneath each image you'll find a link to buy. Why not make a classic book package to give to a child for a birthday or special occasion? 

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