Dad's daggy dancing goes viral after he accidently video-bombs daughter's class tutorial

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook 

A dad has gone viral after video-bombing his daughter's school art tutorial with "daggy dad dancing".

Isaac Jones, from Oregon, was home with his daughter Delaney and her two brothers who were remote learning due to the pandemic when she began filming an art tutorial to send to her first grade class. 

Jones, assuming his daughter was just messing around, decided to add his own addition to the video.

While the little girl talks through the steps she's taking to make a picture out of glitter glue, her dad, unbeknownst to Delaney, breaks out into an elaborate dance moves, set to Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk

After becoming aware of his antics, the little girl appears unfazed, simply telling her class "that's my dad", who had also dragged her baby brother into the fun.

But when her older brother joins in and pops into frame an exasperated Delaney exclaims: "What is wrong with this family, I'm just trying to do peace and quiet art?!"

The little girl continues on with the lesson, despite the interruptions, telling her class she misses her teachers and wanted to do the craft to "spread some Christmas cheer."

The video, which has had more than 12 million views since his wife Jennifer Jones uploaded it to Facebook said he only realised it had been sent to her class after checking her Seesaw app for schoolwork. 


"Well.... I found this as a sent video from earlier today. I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did...," she wrote, "How's your distance learning going?"

In an updated post speaking of his new-found fame, her dad joked that "yes, there's actually a guy out there that dances worse than you do."

He also took the opportunity to encourage other dads to use the added family time to spend time with their kids

"Guys: take these chances we get to make memories with your amazing kids, the miracles they are. It's one of the best parts about being a parent. Because unlike from your professional life, as a parent if you act like a fool the ones who matter actually admire you even more! What a relief right?," he writes. 

"Point is, I'm so glad to spread a little levity and distraction in a time when I know I certainly need it, so I'm hoping you've needed it too! Thanks for allowing me the blessing of sharing my incredible family that always keeps me laughing."