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2003 marked the end of our favourite shows, Dawson’s Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

14 facts about the class of 2021

The school year is approaching, and for many it marks their first year of high school. Click through the gallery above for facts about the future class of 2021.

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Experienced abuse first hand: The president of the NSW Secondary Principals association, Lila Mularczyk.

NSW principals among most threatened in Australia

The NSW Department of Education has said the "safety and welfare of employees is a paramount concern," after a damning report found that NSW principals suffered some of the highest rates of bullying and violence in the country.

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Education: what actually happened this year?

Changes to the education system in 2015

2013 was the year of Gonski; 2014 the year of higher education reform; 2015 has been the year of … hmmm … wait, what actually happened this year?

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Mala Rigby, Grace Parker, and Claudia Nielsen came first in HSC subjects and received their awards at Australian ...

Girl power reigns supreme in HSC

Girls have topped the state in agriculture, primary industries and automotive studies as well as English and history.

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MLC school at Burwood. 9th December 2015
Photograph Dallas Kilponen

'The students are in tears, the teachers are in tears'

The principal of a private Sydney girls school has been forced to write to parents after a social media campaign calling for her dismissal escalated ahead of the school's speech night on Wednesday.

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