Creepy clown threats send Colac Trinity College into lockdown

Creepy clowns captured on camera in Melbourne

The 'clown purge' making headlines in the US has hit Victoria with a number of amateur videos in Melbourne locations appearing online.

A Victorian private school is the latest victim of the creepy clown craze spreading across the state.

Trinity College in Colac went into lockdown about 11am on Tuesday after it received threatening phone calls, saying clowns were going to invade the school grounds.

Students were ordered to stay in classrooms for about 45 minutes, as a precaution.

A teen girl was accosted be a group dressed in clown masks on Saturday.
A teen girl was accosted be a group dressed in clown masks on Saturday. 

Principal Tim O'Farrell said he responded to "the clown situation" with the student's safety in mind.

"It is a great shame that individuals feel they have the right to disrupt the learning of others in the community," he said in a statement. "I commend our students, staff, parents and Victoria Police for the manner in which they responded to the hoax calls."

Police were called to the school and gave the all clear for staff and students to continue with their lessons.

Mr O'Farrell said support was provided to students and a SMS message was sent to parents to advise them of the hoax call.

The frightening creepy clown trend involves people dressing up as clowns and stalking the streets in a brazen attempt to scare unsuspecting passersby.

Creepy clowns have been banned from a community event in Gippsland after an allegedly axe-wielding man in a clown mask threatened a woman in the same area.


Old Gippstown Heritage Park said it would ring police if anyone dressed as a "killer clown" tried to attend its Halloween Spooktacular event in Moe on October 28, according to a warning on the event's Facebook page.

"In light of recent clown events, the park has come to the decision to ban anyone arriving to the halloween event dressed as killer clowns, as this is a family event we are taking this very seriously," it read.

"Anyone causing mischief or intentionally upsetting other guests will be removed immediately."

Trinity College in Colac was in lockdown on Wednesday.
Trinity College in Colac was in lockdown on Wednesday. 

The park later qualified that children dressed as clowns would be allowed in.

A police spokeswoman said authorities had had enough of the clown trend, which has swept through the US and Australia in recent weeks. The penalty for possessing an article of disguise is up two years in jail.

"Anyone who is involved in these clown pranks and disguising themselves potentially they could be charged and face two years imprisonment," she said.