Furious mum blasts Schoolies for promoting teens to hook up on Tinder

Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock 

A Brisbane mum has lodged a formal complaint with Schoolies organisers for spruiking a partnership with Tinder, encouraging teens to use the app to meet people.

The area will soon experience its annual deluge of school leavers celebrating the end of high school.

Outraged mum Libby Marshall told the Gold Coast Bulletin she received an email from Schoolies organisers promoting the dating app, which is well-known as a way to meet people for casual sex. Her daughter is in Year 12 and will be travelling from Brisbane to attend Schoolies next month.

Ms Marshall - who went to Schoolies herself 30 years ago - said she was 'appalled' by the email which stated, "Because we know single never has to go home early, knows all the best places and goes home with the wildest stories. Download the app to unlock amazing Schoolies experiences #SingleNotSorry."

She said that Tinder "... is one of the most appalling apps around – it ruins mature age people let alone impressionable and vulnerable teenagers. I'm just appalled."

The mum worried that the organisers were spreading the message that casual sex "with anyone" is an expectation of the Schoolies experience.

"Schoolies should be a celebration of life and achievement, not just all about sex," she said, adding, "I think it's completely the wrong message to be sending to our kids."

Matt Lloyd, Schoolies.com chief executive, said the Tinder partnership was just one of the "new and exciting experiences" at Schoolies this year.


"Those schoolies who are 18 years of age, will be able to switch on the app's Festival Mode for the opportunity to gain access to an exclusive wristband which will unlock a series of VIP experiences to be revealed closer to the two-week event," he said. 

Ms Marshall is having none of it, however, saying that the organiser's 'moral compass' is off course.

"Why should we be exposing kids to this? It's not acceptable. Where is the moral compass of the world?"

"It makes me sick in the stomach to think Schoolies is officially sanctioning this sort of thinking." 

The scheme has also copped criticism on social media.

"Goes well with the condom sponsorship," quipped one Facebook commenter.

Another wrote, "What brainstorming idiot thought of that? As a parent I have discussed with my kids and drilled safety and responsible behaviour into them but that pretty much all goes out the window with most of these kids. There is enough predators out there sniffing around schoolies. Don't encourage more."