Girl suspended from school for selling 'sex toy'

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A 12-year-old girl was suspended for nearly a week from her school for selling sex toys.

I can hear you asking 'why is this even a story? That's fair enough - she should be suspended.'

But they weren't sex toys. They were water snake wiggly sensory toys. And despite being told as much, the entire school board has stuck by its decision.

Frances' dad is determined to have his daughter's name cleared.
Frances' dad is determined to have his daughter's name cleared. 

"In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy, this is a water filled bag," the girl's dad, Milt Habeck, told WTMJ.

"It's nuts, because [the principal] is an adult. She should know better. She should know that this has nothing to do with sex."

The brightly coloured, long, sealed, plastic tubes are filled with water and can be used as a "tactile autism fidget toy". You can buy them on eBay.

It's unsure how they could be used as a sex toy, probably because they're not.

Milt's daughter, Frances, was selling them at school, with the permission of her homeroom teacher. She was trying to make $1 profit for each one she sold, in between classes at Trinity Lutheran School in Wisconsin.

"It just calms you when you touch it," she said. "You just squeeze it, is cold and hard to hold sometimes."


The toy in question. Photo: ebay

But when the school's principal found out, she pulled her out of a basketball game to yell at her about selling sex toys, in front of her classmates.

"It was really, really loud and a lot of people could hear it. People were staring at me," she said. "I started crying.

"I just learned something that I shouldn't have."

She was suspended for three days.

The incident went in front of the school board, who sided with the principal. The school's pastor wouldn't talk further about the issue because the student was a minor.

Frances' dad has vowed to keep speaking out about it until his daughter's reputation has been cleared.

And Frances will never look at her water snake wigglies in the same way ever again.