Is this teenager the best big sister ever?

 Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

Everywhere we look, we see stories about how self-obsessed teens have become in this age of social media and selfies, which is why it's encouraging to read a story about a teen helping her family out and prioritising her education at the same time.

A photo of 17-year-old Stiles Parish was recently shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page which shows her sitting in class, while holding her 3-year-old brother James in her lap.

"We had a family emergency type situation today that required our teenager to leave school early and pick up her little brother from his school," wrote their mum Candice Curry in the photo description. "I thought she took him home until I saw her snapchat.

"Instead of missing class she actually took her three-year-old brother back to high school with her and let him sleep on her while she finished her last class of the day."

So not only has Stiles taken time out of her day to pick up her brother, but she's then made her way back to school – even though she didn't have to – to ensure she didn't miss anything.

"I'm not sure on the legalities here or what kind of rules were broken but I also just don't care," Candice continued. "My sweet teenager helped her family out and returned to her other responsibility while snuggling her baby brother.

"She is focusing on becoming a nurse and did not want to miss her clinical rotations class. I love that she was willing to help our family but also mature enough to return to class, even with a toddler in two, and finish up her other responsibility," wrote Candice.

And as a single mother of three myself, I can totally relate to what Candice wrote next, because it's a thought that goes through my head all the time with my lot. "I'm either the worst mum in the world or totally nailing it. Please don't tell me which one, let me live in ignorant bliss while I stare at this picture. Life is short. These are the moments that make it so incredibly sweet."

Perhaps a not-so-perfect moment led up to having to ask Stiles to pick up James from his school, but the fact that she not only stepped up and took on that responsibility, but then also ensured she missed minimal school shows Candice is definitely doing something right. And the kind of something right that teaches her children how to take care of each other and think of their futures in the long term.

That's a really big something right in my book.