School introduces fines for late students

Fines have been introduced for late students at one US school.
Fines have been introduced for late students at one US school. Photo: Shutterstock

Running late for school? If your kids attended Stansbury Park High School in Utah, USA, they'd be up for a fine.

This year, the school is trying to prevent students from being tardy by fining them each time they're late for class. For a first offence, they'll get off with a warning; second offence is $3; third and subsequent offences will cost them $5 a pop.

"What we're really trying to target is those periods between classes where really it's a choice," Assistant Principal Cody Reutzel told "It's a personal decision of whether you're going to walk from class A to class B and be on time."

Sounds like it could be highly effective. I know when I was in high school, that kind of money could be put to better use buying chicken burgers at the tuckshop or slushies after school.

Students that aren't able to pay the fines will be given the option of taking a lunchtime detention, or clearing the slate if they're not late for a few weeks.

But not all parents support the fines. "I think it's a Pandora's box," Julie Rae, who has a son at the school, told aol. "That's not going to fix the problem that they're facing."

Brett Dennison, another parent at the school, said, "I think the school board implemented this as part of a way to generate income, make a money grab out of the thing."

You'd think there would have to be a whole lot of late students to make this into an effective earner for the school. But the money is actually set to be put into a fund that will be used as incentives for students for good behaviour.

Since the fines were introduced, the school has confirmed it hasn't had to give out any. So far, so good.