Students pose as pop culture characters for ID photos - and it's brilliant

One of the many images that has gone viral.
One of the many images that has gone viral. Photo: Twitter/ @kelc314

When I was having my photo taken in high school, it was pretty much the extent of my efforts to try to cover any horrendous pimples, and to tease my fringe as high as that sucker would go.

But seniors at North Farmington High School in the US have taken their school ID photos to a whole new level.

For years, it's been a school tradition to dress up in fun costumes, but this year's class have nailed the brief so well, their efforts have gone viral. These kids really committed.

Each student chose a pop culture character to dress up as, and then they all tweeted their school ID photos next to photos of the characters they were dressed as with the hashtag #NFID18.

Any of these photos would have been great on their own, but the fact that the whole senior year coordinated to pull this off – and got the teachers and admin staff involved too – made it extra impressive.

Student Shelby Sheridan said, "I'm so happy I got to participate in this, and it's all thanks to my wonderful principal and the administration for letting us do it."

A fair point. At my daughter's high school, she was asked to smile less enthusiastically for her ID photo. Apparently, a close-mouthed smile is all they can tolerate.

"At North Farmington High School," continued Shelby, "usually the seniors do a fun ID, but this year it really blew up."

In the best possible way.