Teenage student uses TikTok to help tutor his classmates from home

The teen has been teaching students using TikTok
The teen has been teaching students using TikTok Photo: TokTok

If you thought TikTok was just a platform to learn dances, then you have been mistaken.

Alexis Loveraz is a 16-year-old high school student in the Bronx, New York, who has been using the platform to help tutor his fellow students who are learning from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Loveraz who is an excellent student, maintaining high distinction grades, thought he'd help out his fellow students with algebra, geometry and chemistry by making catchy videos.

Alexis Loveraz's TikTok

Alexis Loveraz's TikTok

He told YahooLife that he's been helping students at his school for years but originally just communicated through texting and Snapchat.

Once he joined TikTok, however, he decided to post videos to help those who he wasn't directly interacting with. The account has since grown enormously, with over 660,000 people following his videos.

The videos have amassed hundreds of thousands- and often millions- of views. In the short videos Loveraz takes viewers through an equation or problem, explaining how to tackle it. He also asked his followers to tell him what they want to learn.

It's not just the student that are following him either.

The teen has been teaching students using TikTok

 Photo: TokTok


"Scholars would watch my videos to review or to test themselves with a topic, plus ask questions if they wanted, which is extremely cool" he told Yahoo Life.

Although he enjoys producing the one-minute videos on the site, he admits it can be difficult to explain problems in such a short amount of time.

For more in-depth lessons, the teen scholar created a Google classroom that his social media followers can join, which would give them a more in-depth lesson. He also hopes to produce longer YouTube videos eventually and is even considering a career in teaching post school.

"I am truly grateful that I am able to help out other scholars like myself," he said of the success of his lessons.