Thoughtful dad gives daughter the best graduation present ever

 Photo: YouTube: Kevin Scruggs

What will you give your kids when they graduate from high school? If you think it's too early to start planning, think again.

And if you're like me and your kids are already at school, you've already missed the bus and you're going to have to give them something lame or overcompensate entirely by coughing up a car.

In what must be the daddy of all graduation gifts, Kevin Scruggs put parents to shame everywhere by creating a graduation video for his daughter Mackenzie out of a series of videos he shot of her on the first day of school every year.

And the internet is loving him for it.

On the first day of school each year, Kevin sat Mackenzie down and asked her a series of questions about her day. What was she looking forward to this year? Who did she sit with? Did she have homework? That kind of thing.

Then this year, Kevin cut the videos together so we can watch Mackenzie growing from a cute little grade 1 kid into a full high school graduating adult. And we see the phases – her very first day of school when everything was new, the day she caught the bus on her own for the first time, and then when all she could think about was finding cute boys and going to football games, and finally her last year when she was looking forward to prom and graduating.

Then at the end of the film we see that Kevin ended each video by telling Mackenzie that he loves her, and she says she loves him too. And we see that love across the years, and it turns us into soppy, blubbering fools.

Well played, Kevin.

The video clearly struck a chord with more people than just Mackenzie. It's been viewed nearly 1.5 million times over the past two days on YouTube, and Kevin has filmed a follow up to thank people for their support.

And now, Kevin has given us all some homework to do. If only we could travel back in time.