'Just show up': Teacher's hilarious rant captures frustrations of online learning

KC Mack filmed the video about teaching virtually.
KC Mack filmed the video about teaching virtually. Photo: Facebook

If virtual work and school has taught us anything, it's that sometimes we really have no one else to blame but ourselves when we're late.

One teacher is fed up with the number of students that have skipped class or turned up continuously late when online learning, posting a video about how ridiculous he finds it.

In the now-viral video, KC Mack from Dallas, Texas, starts off by acknowledging that it's been a difficult school year for everyone.

"Real quick, shout out to all the districts who are making provisions for those families who are having trouble picking up Chrome Books from schools," he said in the video. "Or if they've already picked them up, they're having technical difficulties, connection issues [etc.]."

He then directs the video to the students who have all the necessary equipment but still don't make the effort.

"This message is for the students who have everything they need ... and they still don't show up!" he says incredulously.

"How are you absent from a place where you're already there? You're already there! How you absent? Makes no sense!

"You just don't want to show up? So you just skipped? You skipped the living room? 'Cause that's where you're having class at! You ain't been to the living room all week?


"And if you skipped the living room all week, that means you skipped lunch. Cause you gotta go through the living room to get to the kitchen.

"What's wrong? Show up to a place where you already are at!"

The post has been liked almost 3000 times with hundreds of comments, many from fellow teachers who felt his pain.

"If your camera is off, I WILL call on you. If you don't respond, I will call your house for the response!" joked one woman.

"They're definitely doing the bare minimum," agreed another. "Skipping in my face lol with their camera's off and not participating."

"From one teacher to another. I hear you," said another. "Hang in there."