Chris Hemsworth's kids have to wait for childcare like everyone else

Actor Chris Hemsworth sums up parenthood in one photo.
Actor Chris Hemsworth sums up parenthood in one photo.  Photo: Joshua Blanchard

Celebrity parents Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have to wait on a list for childcare just like everyone else.

Parents to three-year-old India Rose and two-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha have applied for centres in Australia, putting their children on a waiting list for a Catholic long day care centre in Northern NSW.

A spokeswoman revealed to Confidential the parents had submitted an application, also mentioning to the entertainment news and gossip site that it's not uncommon for wealthier families to try and bribe their way up the list.

But that's not the case for the Hemsworth family, the spokesperson confirming the famous couple hadn't offered any money.

Hemsworth, who was born in Melbourne, had lived in Los Angeles for several years before moving back to Australia last year.

"We were in LA for six or seven years and then once we got the opportunity not to be there full-time, it was good to get back to Australia," he told the Daily Mail last year.

"And it's great. Quiet, coastal town - [it] couldn't be further from Hollywood, which is nice. A nice break."

Before the move, Hemsworth had previously said, "We're spending more and more time back in Australia and I definitely want the kids to grow up here and spend time here."

Despite the fuss surrounding their day care application, the Thor actor says his kids don't really understand what he does for a living.


At the LA premiere of The Huntsman: Winter's War last week, Hemsworth told In Style, "My boys are still too young to even know what we're doing."

As for his daughter, India, she seems to have more of a clue about her dad's profession – sort of.

"My daughter certainly," he said. "She'd see the trailer or see posters and remembers shooting in the castle. She goes to school and says, 'My dad works in a castle with a princess and fights the bad guys.' I think she's the most excited."