An open letter to Year 6 kids on their last day of primary school

Time to celebrate ...
Time to celebrate ... Photo: Getty

Yesterday was tough. We can see that. You've finished your time at primary school and it's an end you probably didn't ask for. I mean why would you? You're at a school with friends you've known most of your life. You're at a school with teachers that are starting to treat you differently; because you're little more grown up now. You're starting to come into your own and you're really comfortable where you are.

And we know it feels like a large steel door slamming shut your time at primary school. Many of you don't want to leave.

That's okay. Parents remember the emotional ride finishing primary school was. What am I saying? Parents are sharing the emotional ride with you now.

You (and your parents) have been preparing for this moment all year. You've seen other Year 6 groups go before you and those final few weeks look like a lot of fun. Graduation dinners, assemblies, performance evenings; all eyes are on you.

It's a festival; it's a celebration.

And now it's over and you have to face the uncertainty of high school. You might not know anyone or you may be lucky to have a couple of friends from primary going to the same high school.

"Why does it have to change?" is the battle cry from most of you.

This is life my dear Year 6 students. Change, although scary, is good. Change is when you learn something new. Change is what is going to make you an awesome adult.

Don't let your feelings of uncertainty stop you from going head first into new endeavours. Feeling a little unsure is perfectly okay.


When you started kindergarten your parents held your hand all the way up to classroom before letting you walk in by yourself. On the first day of Year 7 parents will probably walk you as far as the school gate before letting you go again as you venture into a new school.

While parents may not be beside you every step of the way, they will most definitely be behind you to catch you if you fall.  

But there's 6 weeks before all of that new stuff begins. In the meantime enjoy your holidays, hang out with your friends and listen to older friends and siblings when they tell you that high school is so much better than primary school.

You haven't lost anything and nothing has come to and end; just a natural evolution. All your friendships and memories are yours. Next year you'll just add to your collection.

Love, from all proud parents. 

Maria Tedeschi is a freelance writer, chronic overthinker and social commentator-in-the-making who also blogs at Mum's Word. You can send her a message or three on Twitter.