'Can I stay in my pyjamas for school drop off?'

"I have a rare day off."
"I have a rare day off." Photo: Shutterstock

Every parent's been there – whether to drop your kids at school in your pyjamas or not?

One mum took to the popular online forum Mumsnet and asked just that.

"Have a rare day off and plan on spending it in bed. So tempted to just stay in my pyjamas so that I can jut slide back into bed when I get home! …although I have a feeling if I rock up in my captain America pyjamas they think I'm in the midst of a breakdown"

And the responses were very funny. Some were strongly in favour of keeping her PJs on.

"Amatuer! What you actually do is keep your pjs on and slip a jumper and jeans over the top," said one person.

"You have planned badly, you should have slept in joggers or leggings or something that is technically day wear but you could sleep in," said another.

"I've done it but in wide legged plain burgundy PJs in cotton…with a coat on top they passed for normal trousers," was this mum's response.

Many said they do the drop-and-run regularly in pjs, but although they'd never get out of the car wearing them, were nervous their car might break down.

"So tempting but best not to – wouldn't look good if the car broke down," said one commentator.


"To be fair I did drive past a lady in her pyjamas at the side of the road this week waiting for her recovery van," said another.

While others sat firmly in the 'no' camp.

"Pyjamas at the school gate is not acceptable. Ever," said one person.

"LOL, I'm a judgmental, grade A snob, especially when it comes to other people wearing their PJs out. I'm happy to admit it. Just get dressed."

And this person warned her not to: "Just no. You will forever be Pyjama Mum if you do".

In the end, the mum said she got dressed, but still wore something super comfy.

"I compromised and wore leggings and a long hoody. Now sat on the sofa eating ice cream for breakfast."