Child-shaped bollards freaking out motorists

Creepy or a good idea?
Creepy or a good idea? Photo: Facebook: Iver Parish Council

Drivers near the UK town of Slough have been distracted lately by some unusual bollards in the shape of primary school children. Iver District Council installed six bollards recently to remind motorists that they're driving near a school and that children could be on or near the roads.

The idea has already been put into practice in the UK cities of Leicester, Birmingham and Windsor.

But not everyone thinks the bollards – named Billy and Bollinda – are a great idea. "If I was a driver they would scare me into crashing, super creepy," said local Connor McGinn to Metro News.

Jane Tutin said, "I can certainly see the purpose and advantage of having the Billy and Bollinda characters in place but I have to say they look very creepy."

Others have defended the bollards though, claiming they could save lives.

"As someone who has been hit on a crossing, I'm very grateful for those bollards," said Matthew Streuli. "It shows schools, local councillors and parents trying to highlight the school zone area to the many vehicles that use our parish as a cut-through oblivious to our schools."

A representative of Ivers Parish Council said, "Anything that we can do to raise driver awareness that there's a school in the vicinity and young children on foot is a good thing!"