'Fourteen years later she was showing up at my house to save my son': Teacher's full circle moment

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook 

Tracey Garrett lived every parent's worst nightmare when she arrived home to find an ambulance parked outside her house.

Inside, three paramedics were treating her son Nick, who has tracheomalacia – a condition which can cause the windpipe to collapse.

In the initial panic of the situation, Garrett, a teacher, didn't take in many details, as she focussed on her son. 

Once he was stable, she noticed a familiar face by his side.- only to realise it was one of her former students, now grown into a hero paramedic.

Taking to Facebook to share the story, Garrett said that as a teacher, she was always proud of her students, but she now knew that 'pride stays in our hearts for a lifetime'.

Garrett said Nick had spent 10 years 'in and out of the ER'. In her distress on the day in question, the worried mum only registered the paramedic speaking with her. Once she had calmed down, she was in for a big surprise. 

As teachers, we are always so proud of our students...but I realised over the weekend that this pride stays in our...

Posted by Tracey Garrett on  Monday, November 2, 2020

"Twenty minutes later, Nick was settled and stable. It was only then that I calmed down enough to look at the beautiful young woman who was caring for my son. She was smiling at me."

"My darling little Talia. I taught her in 2006 when she was five. Fourteen years later she was showing up at my house to save my son."


Speaking with Essential Kids, Garrett said she was halfway to hospital before she realised who was sitting in the back.

"I turned around to see the lady in the back keeping him calm and she looked up at me and I knew straight away it was Talia and she said 'you were my Grade One teacher'!" 

"My first emotion when I realised that it was her was such pride, she has grown up and is contributing to society and is going to save lives." 

While it could be hard to say goodbye to students at the end of the school year and not hear where they go next, Garrett said teachers should never doubt the importance of their work and that they were helping to shape future heroes.

"Your class is filled with future leaders, heroes, peacemakers and compassionate souls. I just saw the 'bigger picture' firsthand."

It was the first moment, she said, of seeing one of her former students out in the world and reminded her why she loved teaching. 

"Everything we want for them was everything I saw in Talia: thriving and happy and doing great things. It's nice to have that follow up and see that child is doing really well and that she was there for my little boy," she told Essential Kids

"She was so good with nick, I was so proud of her, even though I hadn't looked at her properly I knew there was a kind, gentle soul keeping him calm.

"And I looked at her face and thought 'my gosh! I spent a year caring for and nurturing her and now it's come fill circle and she's making my son feel safe and comfotrtable."