Get organised! Nifty school bag storage station ideas

Photo: evermoredesignedhomes/Instagram
Photo: evermoredesignedhomes/Instagram Photo: Suzanne Catchpole

It the time of year to start getting organised for back-to-school and there are some pretty amazing ideas out there, already tried and tested by parents.

There are so many bits and bobs needed for school and keeping them neat and tidy is a must, especially if you have multiple children. 

Mum-of-five Jessica-Louise Groves' Kmart school bag storage station hack recently set the parenting world abuzz and we can see why. With a little design ingenuity, the entire set up cost the Ballina mum $130.

We searched out some more inspiration so you can get organised. Some are custom made by forward-thinking renovators and others are clever hacks from Ikea and other budget-friendly retailers.