How one teacher made her students feel extra welcome this year

One teacher gave her class a very special welcome.
One teacher gave her class a very special welcome. Photo: Facebook/Bowen State School

A Year Four teacher at a Queensland primary school went above and beyond to ensure her students were ready to start their school year - giving them goodie bags full of meaningful items.

Bowen State School posted the teacher's warm welcome note on their Facebook page. The update has since been shared almost 30,000 times - and it's not hard to see why.

According to the post, each goodie bag contained an eraser, stickers, a puzzle, a bookmark, and some smarties - all for a very special reason.

The eraser, the teacher wrote, is to remind students that it's okay to make mistakes.  The stickers represent working as a team, while the puzzle shows children "how we fit together".

The bookmark is particularly poignant - a reminder that if students ever feel lost, "we'll help you find your space".

We - and no doubt the kids - also love the smarties, a sweet (pun, intended!) way to let kids know how "smart" they are.

What a wonderful idea.  And what a lucky class!