Is a 'school pick-up snack' a good idea?

Good idea?
Good idea? Photo: Shutterstock

Do you give your child a snack at school pick-up? Well, this mum has seen other parents do just that and now she's wondering if she should too.

The mum took to the UK website Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable for not giving her child food at the school gate.

"Quite happy to let them snack once we are home but my DD (darling daughter) has asked that I arrive at school gates to collect her with a snack," she wrote.

"She's noticed other parents arrive with a snack and says she's hungry too at the end of the school day (often doesn't eat the fruit I give her for morning break though!).

"And doesn't want to wait the 15-20 min it takes to get her home."

The mum suspects that her daughter is asking for food, not so much because she is hungry but more so because she is hoping to get a treat like the others she's seen at school.

"Today we saw a family eating a chocolate bar and small pot of Pringles on the way home which prompted the question," she wrote.

"AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to make my DC (darling child) just wait a little until they get home and suggest that they have something a bit healthier than chocolate and crisps?"

The responses were varied with many saying that they've found that their kids were really hungry at school pick-up.


"I did this when my children were younger as I found it made them more manageable when we got home," said one person.

"She will be hungry when she comes out of school, I would have a piece of fruit or carrot for her. She is old enough to understand a bar of chocolate or Pringles are not a nutritious snack after a busy day at school," said another.

"Arrive at school with a banana/apple/carrot," one other person said.

But then a heap of parents said the constant snacking was out of control.

"I don't get all this 'snacking'. I'm sure when I was a child I and my friends used to be able to go for a couple of hours without being fed. Perhaps that's why there's so much childhood obesity now?" said one commentator.

"I have been doing school pick-up for 7 years now and I have never seen someone hand a child a snack to eat at the school gates," another said.

"It seems to be generally accepted now that everyone is constantly filling their faces with food. Snacks for kids at soft play, activities, park. Snack for adults when shopping, or working. I don't get it. No wonder so many people wobble when they walk to the vending machine," was another comment.

"It's pathetic. No wonder our kids are becoming obese – they never stop b****y eating!" offered someone else.

While a few people were annoyed by the judgment: "Good grief. So much judging for such a small issue. Do what you want to do. I must be the only parent on Mumsnet that gave their child a snack on the way home during the earlier years then. Not that I have to justify it but it was a lot nicer 20 minute walk home if my child had something to eat and wasn't having a hungry mood swing."

And this: "Eugh people are so judgey. Do whatever you want for your child. No one is right or wrong so stop judging."