'It's like boot camp': the school where students walk with hands behind backs

 Photo: Getty Images

Some school rules make more sense than others, and this school's new edict is has angered parents.

Students at a school in the UK are being told they must hold their hands behind their back when walking in the school grounds, in a bizarre new rule being labelled as draconian.

At Market Harborough Church of England Academy, in Leicestershire, pupils have to clasp their hands behind their back and remain calm when walking to avoid accidents in the schoolyard.

In a letter to parents from headteacher Emma Taylor, she explained that while some parents have raised concerns, the rule had been introduced to help keep kids safe, after some students had been injured or knocked over by racing children.

"As part of our commitment to providing a safe and orderly environment, we have recently introduced the practice of children gently placing their hands behind their backs as they move round school in large groups, or when they enter the building at lunchtimes," she wrote.

"This is one of a range of strategies to help children develop good behaviour, to develop good habits and to establish secure routines.

"This helps to ensure that our school of over 400 pupils is calm and safe, with all children ready to learn."

But parents are up in arms.

One mum, with two kids at the school, said even the youngest pupils are expected to obey the new rule.


"It's far too much when they're only four and just getting used to school in the first place," she said.

"This regime is draconian. It's like boot camp. It's 2017, not the dark ages. I'm really angry about this. I find this very upsetting. I know other parents feel the same."

She was also worried the new rule was dangerous for pupils if they were to stumble and fall while their arms were behind their backs.

A dad, who also has kids at the school, said many parents were outraged.

"I can't speak for everyone, but it's like going back to Victorian times."