Mum drives to school, then hilariously realises she forgot the kids

Photo: torrespriss / Twitter
Photo: torrespriss / Twitter 

A US mum is probably still laughing after a video clip was posted to Twitter of the day she pulled up to her kids' school to drop them off, and realised she'd left them at home.

And before anyone gets outraged about child safety, these kids - once she actually collects them - look like they're in senior high school. 

Knowing that no child endangerment occurred, it's easy to see the hilarious side of it, even in the horrific realisation that 'baby brain' never truly leaves us.

Twitter user torrespriss posted the clip, captioning it, "She rlly drove her kids to school but her kids weren't in the car."

Amid her own uproarious laughter, the unidentified mum manages to say, "I'm driving to school without my kids. I'm taking the kids to school and I don't even have them in the car. I have to go back and pick them up... I can't believe I left my kids."

She pans the camera around the car to reveal the vacant seats.

And when you see her kids' reaction, it gets even funnier. They are laughing almost as hard as her.


With the clip going viral, commenters were quick to see the funny side. It has been shared more than 107,000 times, with over 372,000 likes.

"I like that you can tell that this isn't staged! She's a real mum who was real tired who real life just got in and started driving. Hope she had a good rest of her day," wrote one person.

Another quipped, "I went to the vet without my cat once."

And this person speaks absolute truth - ""The definition of 'I'm leaving in 5 minutes, with or without you'."

Then there's this.

If you needed a funny for the day, this will keep you going for a while. Methinks this will become a part of this family's 'funny stories' repertoire.

Photo: torrespriss / Twitter

Photo: torrespriss / Twitter