School uniform care instructions labelled 'sexist'

Marks & Spencer has been accused of sexist washing labels on their school uniforms.
Marks & Spencer has been accused of sexist washing labels on their school uniforms.  Photo: Getty Images

A major department store has been forced to change its school uniform labels after angry mums complained about the "sexist" care instructions featured on the garments. 

Twitter user Rebecca Collison pointed out the label on the school trousers she had purchased from UK retailer Marks & Spencer advised that the pants were "hemsafe", meaning "less work for Mum!".

After Rebecca shared her picture, another mum tweeted that she had seen the label last October and was upset about their sexist labelling and the suggestion the retailer was saving mum from more housework.

"Less work for mum!"
"Less work for mum!" Photo: Twitter

"So thoughtful of them," she tweeted.

Other parents were also upset by the label.

"This has made my blood boil," tweeted one. "I thought M&S were better than that."

Others thought it was an accurate portrayal of family life. One woman tweeted, "@marksandspencer in trouble over its 'less work for mum' label but the fact is mums do the majority of the childcare and housework."

John Adams of told The Huffington Post UK he thought the choice of language needed to be addressed.

"While probably no more than a simple oversight, such language ignores that fact that almost 10 per cent of single parent families are headed by men, that same-sex families have long been raising families in the UK and that stay-at-home dads are becoming more common," he said.


"I would have expected a retailer of Marks & Spencer's size to pick up on something like this. The company has created a headache for itself and it was completely avoidable."

John also added that he couldn't recall his wife ever sewing hems, saying, "The responsibility for such jobs has always fallen on my shoulders and I'm not a mum."

It seems like Marks & Spencer has listened to their critics.

A spokesperson for the retailer confirmed the original package was being updated, and will be replaced with a more socially acceptable message.

"It was never our intention to offend parents," the spokesperson told HuffPost UK.

"In fact, we had already changed our packaging for the new range, which will be available from May."

The new label reads "Stay Put Hems: They'll never fall down."

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