Teacher goes above and beyond for his student during homeschooling

Teacher Chris Waba does his best to help Rylee Anderson during self-isolation.
Teacher Chris Waba does his best to help Rylee Anderson during self-isolation. 

A US teacher has gone above and beyond for his student after she was having trouble with some maths work.

Rylee Anderson, who is 12, is currently learning online due to the coronavirus pandemic, like many students around the world. She was having trouble with an assignment, and according to her father Josh Anderson she was getting very frustrated with the process.

"She was in tears and so mad and frustrated because she couldn't figure it out." Anderson told People.

Anderson told his daughter to email her teacher, Chris Waba, for some help, knowing that the teachers were offering online support.

Waba however, did one better then a Skype or Zoom lesson and instead visited the Andersons', whom he is neighbours with, with his white board to explain the problem to Rylee.

"I'm a better communicator face-to-face than [on] the telephone" Waba told CNN

"Teachers across the nation have been thrown into a situation like this. I think we're all more comfortable being in front of our classes and that's where we'd rather be."

Anderson snapped a picture of his daughter standing at their door with Waba outside, observing social distancing rules. The tweet has since been retweeted and likes hundreds of times.

"My sixth grader emailed her math teacher for some help, so he came over and worked through the problem with her on our front porch" he captioned the photo.

Although Waba is a friend of the family and has been the family's neighbour for a long time, the gesture didn't surprise Anderson.

"He'd do anything he could to help a kid out" he said. "Just went above and beyond… he's such a good teacher and a great man."