Ten-year-old boy takes a stand against bullying

tommy-and-danny Photo: Youtube / Ellen

When ten-year-old Tommy Cooney found out his friend, Danny Keefe, six, was being bullied at school, for a speech impediment and for wearing the same tie and jacket every day, he decided to do something about it.

The two boys, from Massachusetts, attend different schools but are a part of the same peewee football team, the Bridgewater Badgers. In what they dubbed "Danny Appreciation Day," Tommy and his teammates showed up at Danny’s school all wearing ties and jackets, to show Danny how much they care about him.

Holding back tears Tommy said, “We heard Danny was getting picked on, so we thought we would all have a day to dress up like Danny and sponsor Danny to show Danny that we love him very much.”

In an interview with talk show host Ellen Degeneres, Danny’s mum, Jenifer, said he has troubles with his speech due to a serious brain haemorrhage that occurred after he was born. As for the clothes, a jacket and tie is what he feels most comfortable wearing.

In the same interview, Tommy told Ellen that “Danny shouldn’t be picked on because of the way he speaks.”

And Ellen couldn’t agree more, arranging a video message from the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, who gave the boys game tickets and all the Bridgewater Badgers tickets to the Hall of Fame at Patriot Place. 


Following the classic advice, two wrongs don’t make a right, Tommy took a passive stance against bullying. Instead of fighting back physically, he came up with a beautiful gesture to show Danny that he had friends who care about him.

In an attempt to raise awareness on how to 'Bully Proof' kids, organisations like 'Bullying, No Way,' emphaise the importance of everyone standing together to combat the statistics of bullying, just like Tommy and the Bridgewater Badgers did for Danny.


Tommy and Danny’s story shows that it's not just about standing up to bullies, but also about making sure kids know they aren’t alone.

As a result, Danny is now referred to as the 'Little Big Man on Campus' and is much happier.

Watch Ellen’s interview with Tommy, Danny and his mum and tell us what you think.

Source: Huffington Post