'They deserve a billion dollars ... a week': celebrity parents praise teachers amid school shutdown

Picture: Instagram/Twitter
Picture: Instagram/Twitter 

With the coronavirus outbreak forcing schools in the US into shutdown, parents are being forced to stay at home with their kids and home-school them when they can.

Many people have taken to Twitter to share their experiences of trying to teach their kids at home, expressing their appreciation for teachers. Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes amongst them.

"Been homeschooling a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old for one hour and 11 minutes." The showrunner tweeted.

"Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week"

The tweet has been retweeted over 43,000 and has almost 229,000 reactions. Thousands of people agree with Rhimes' statement and have documented their own "teaching at home" stories.

"8 year old is covered in paint. 17 year old is not speaking to me because pandemic is ruining her social life and it is obviously my fault." A mother commented on her post.

Teachers chimed in thanking Rhimes for recognising the hard work that teachers put in.

"Now imagine 25 of them in the same room" a user joked.


"Thank you for the acknowledgment Ms. Rhimes." Another person replied. "We certainly are passionate and love what we do daily for scholars and our community! Working together is key for all of our success!"

"Already learning that we don't pay our day-care nearly enough" another agreed.

Author Shea Serrano wholeheartedly agreed with Rhimes' tweet.

"A bunch of the "Teachers Don't Deserve $100K A Year" crowd who gotta stay home with their kids now and homeschool them are figuring out that teaching one or two kids is hard enough, let alone 28 of them lol" he tweeted.

While others were in disbelief that people teach a whole classroom full of kids every day.

"I've been homeschooling the 2 kids I babysit wondering how teachers WILLINGLY TEACH 25" a women tweeted incredulity.

Other teachers encouraged people to remember ths when their kids were back at school.

"Retired teacher here." One tweet read. "Please remember this when the crisis is past."

Australians living in the US are also coming to terms with home-schooling their children during the shutdown.  Nine's US correspondent Amelia Adams thanked her husband Luke for taking on the teacher role in her house, while she works.

"Shout out to @cameralad and all the other parents - and grandparents - homeschooling in the midst of all this. Schools and preschools in LA are closed indefinitely, so this is our new normal. #coronavirusshutdown #shortstraw #fatheroftheyear," she posted along with a pic of her husband and son working hard at the dining room table.