US school punishes nine-year-old girl for wearing 'form fitting' clothes

Robbie Nettles has taken to Facebook to express his anger after his niece's school shamed her over her outfit.
Robbie Nettles has taken to Facebook to express his anger after his niece's school shamed her over her outfit.  Photo: Facebook/@Robbie Nettles

A Mississippi school is being slammed for fat-shaming after they took a nine-year-old girl out of class for wearing "form fitting" clothing.

The girl's furious uncle, Robbie Nettles, took to Facebook to hit back at the school.

"Does my niece's round belly OFFEND you? Obviously, her attire was too form fitting. It was offensive enough to get her sent to in-school suspension at Brookhaven Elementary School. Apparently, it is acceptable to body shame a nine-year-old," he begins.

"My niece may not be the ideal weight, but she was not showing anything inappropriate. It sickens me to imagine my sweet niece going to a school that cares more about her weight than what is in her mind."

Nettles then explains that his niece was sent to in-school suspension because of her "inappropriate" clothes.

"If the school is so concerned with their student's appearance, they should implement school uniforms. Dress codes are open for interpretation and abuse. This abuse was demonstrated by the faculty at Brookhaven Elementary School," the post continues.

Unsurprisingly the Facebook post went viral, receiving more than 46 thousand shares since it was posted.

Support for the nine-year-old has been flooding in with many commenters disgusted by the actions of the school.

"This is targeted bullying in my eyes and needs to be addressed," said one commenter.


"It breaks my heart she has to go through that. Her outfit looked great to me," said another.

Many of the commenters were concerned about how the body-shaming incident would affect the girl's self-esteem. "I wonder if they thought of what they may have done to her emotionally?" asks one.

The school is standing by the suspension and the dress code that bans too-tight clothes. Brookhaven School District Superintendent Ray Carlock told The Daily Leader that school officials followed proper protocol.

But Nettles is standing firm in his defence of his niece and told the local paper that his family are seeking legal counsel.

"No 9-year-old should have to deal with this situation," he said "And be made to feel criticized about her body weight."

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